Traceable & Transparent

No tree planting here. We only work with partners and solutions that are highly regulated and recognised by global organisations as the most legitimate way to offset emissions (such as Iberdrola which offsets electricity use from fossil fuels at the source).

Measurable & Reportable

We’ve got the means and the methods. Deliver on your sustainability commitments within Scope 2 and Scope 3 – the hardest scopes, often the largest and with regulations tightening, it is important to consider the employee related emissions.

Immediate & impactful

Create meaningful impact, fast. A fast and effective solution. Reduce your employee related emissions without any business disruption. As your emissions then decrease, so do your annual offset requirements.

Storytelling Opportunities

Create a conversation that matters. We arm you with the confidence (and the comms material) to speak about your initiatives both internally and externally. Maximise the return on investment for both the planet and your profitability.

Staff benefits

They spoke, you listened. Demonstrate actionable commitment to your people by providing tangible support for a purpose they care about.


Impact your employee related emissions across their entire work footprint

Green My Home logo

Green your employee’s at home and deliver on your Scope 3 commitments. Offset all their home emissions (funding from 50% to 100% of the cost) or offset the 'Work From Home' related emissions only.

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Activate your sphere of influence and impact emissions beyond net zero while delivering on your Scope 3 commitments.

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Green the electricity powering your employees at your physical offices or commercial premises – your largest direct source of Scope 2 emissions.

Commit to green

Tell us which employee related emissions you want to green – Home, Commute and/or Office.

Give us a few details

Provide us with some details such as how many employees, your working model, energy bills.

We do the rest

We use thorough methodologies and calculation models validated by renewable energy experts and the most credible industry sources. Read more about our methodology here.

Talk about it

Tell us which employee related emissions you want to green – Home, Commute and/or Office.