Green My Team provides a way for you to share the cost of sourcing renewable energy at home with your employer, without having to change your electricity retailer.
Most electricity in Australia is generated by burning fossil fuels, which means that there are carbon emissions associated with electricity use. When electricity is consumed from the grid, there is no means to determine its source, whether it be from renewables or fossil fuels or a combination. However, RECs provide a mechanism to be able to notionally allocate the generation of renewable energy to consumers. When RECs are purchased alongside the physical supply of energy it is often called “offsetting”. If those RECs are then surrendered (to the Clean Energy Regulator, or other global bodies) it ensures that they cannot be claimed by anyone else. Purchasing and surrendering RECs on a voluntary basis increases demand for, and incentivises investment in, renewable energy.
LGCs are a type of REC. In Australia, the supply of LGCs come from accredited large-scale renewable generators, like wind and solar farms, which create one LGC for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity they deliver into the grid. Demand for LGCs comes from two sources: mandatory government schemes like the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target; and voluntary schemes like Green My Team. The more demand there is for LGCs, the more incentive there is to invest in renewable energy.
Renewable energy typically displaces generation from fossil fuels over time, which are the primary sources of carbon emissions in the Australian electricity sector. Increasing the demand for LGCs through voluntary action incentivises more renewable energy projects to be developed.

The LGCs for Green My Team are sourced by Iberdrola Australia from the owned or contracted renewable energy assets (i.e., wind farms and solar farms) of the Iberdrola Australia group. For more information about Iberdrola Australia and its assets visit:

International RECs are sourced by Iberdrola from prominent international renewable certificate accrediting programs. Green-e (US & Canada), AIB Go (Europe) and IREC (57 Countries)

Green My Team involves offsetting your nominated electricity usage through the voluntary surrender of LGCs. The number of LGCs surrendered is one LGC per MWh of nominated electricity usage. It does not involve

  • you purchasing LGCs or renewable electricity;
  • LGCs being held for or on behalf of you;
  • you changing electricity suppliers; or
  • the physical supply of renewable electricity to you.
Green My Team does not involve the physical supply of electricity to you. Rather, each unit of electricity you nominate is matched with an LGC which is created from an equivalent amount of renewable energy.
No. Participating in Green My Team does not require you to change your electricity retailer.
No. Participating in Green My Team is separate to your electricity bill and therefore does not change it.

GreenPower is a government scheme whereby RECs are purchased by energy retailers on behalf of customers. Often consumers opt to pay for GreenPower as an additional component of their electricity bill.

While Green My Team and GreenPower both offer ways to offset your home electricity use using renewables, Green My Team has some unique features:

  • Green My Team is designed for collaboration with your employer; and
  • Green My Team is based on your nominated electricity usage for the program year.
If you currently purchase GreenPower (or an alternative renewable product) from your energy retailer at home, you may already be offsetting 100% of your electricity usage (e.g. GreenPower has options at several levels of % offset). Compare the price and features of Green My Team with GreenPower (or the alternative renewable product). If Green My Team is cheaper or better suited to your objectives then you may consider switching.
If you have solar panels, only offset the electricity you actually source through the grid. If you’re unsure of how much electricity you source through the grid, please refer to your electricity bills.
If Green My Team continues to be offered, you can decide whether you want to decrease or increase your nominated electricity usage for subsequent program years. It’s your choice.

Follow the link that has been emailed to you. If you need assistance, please contact

Your payment covers you for one year (the program year as specified).
If Green My Team continues to be offered, your employer will contact you with information on how to renew your participation in Green My Team. Renewal is voluntary, on an “opt in” basis.


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